Emulsion Plants

Control Systems

We can build to suit any emulsion plant design, or we can design a solution for you.  Our emulsion plant design is typically run with an EC200 controller, but a plant can be customized to your requirements.

Our expert team can provide a refurbish / rebuild service tailored to your requirements, or we can assess and recommend the most economical approach to meet your operational needs.  We have the capability to provide the safest and best solutions for your application.

Our controls run the full range of simplicity and durability.  Our controls, first and foremost, safe-guard your operators.  Metering accuracy is important to shot performance and cost optimization.  We have systems that do this hole after hole.  

O.E.M  Distributor of Moyno and Monoflo Products

Our team will provide solutions tailored to your expectations for underground bulk explosive handling equipment.  We have experienced design staff to provide innovative solutions for your unique application.  Our designers have hands on knowledge of extreme operating conditions in underground mining and will design rugged, dependable, and operator friendly solutions.  We can build explosive delivery systems that integrate with any chassis manufacturer in the world

Equipment Refurbishment

Underground Units

Self Contained Units

All of our self contained units can be easily maneuvered in the mine and have superior protection of key components.  Each application can be customized to suit your specific need with improved shot load performance to minimize your total cost per blast


Our core business is custom design of bulk explosive vehicles to meet the demanding needs of our customers.  We design  rugged dependability into every aspect of the delivery system.  Our end product is unmatched in the industry.  All aspects of our design incorporate versatility and reliability.  We have capability to custom build any application from ANFO to Sit Mixed Emulsion in any capacity required.